I purchased one of the products on your website, if I want to watch these tutorials on multiple PCs, how can I do that?

The tutorials on our website have a license, and to install them on new machines you need to purchase new licenses for them. Pay attention that on your first purchase you get one license for one machine.


Are the products on this site Physical or Downloadable?

All the products on this website are Downloadable.

How is the product delivered to me?

After the payment is done, a link to download the product and an activation code will be sent to the Email address.


Are your products videos or software?

We create video tutorials for animation and visual effects softwares. To honor the rights of our customers and preventing our products to propagate illegaly, we provide our videos through a training software. This software protects the rights of both our customers and ourselves, and video tutorials can play easily and securely through it. For each product a training software is developed, which has an autorun for making the process of accessing the videos easier and more convinient for the customer.